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General Questions

How does Shop n Zip work?

Step 1: Sign up and start shopping

Sign up to the Shop n Zip website. Shop at any U.S. online store or any online merchant that delivers to the U.S. and have your items delivered to our California warehouse. We'll send you an email when we receive your items.

Step 2: Ship your items

Select the items you want to ship by air and pay for your shipment. We'll send you an email with a tracking number when your shipment is on its way. Shipment by sea is currently unavailable.

Step 3: Get your goods

We'll deliver your orders to the recipient and Philippine address you provided.

When does my order ship and how long does it take for my order to be delivered?

Shipments depart weekly from San Francisco, CA. Items received after the cut-off days are shipped the following week unless you specify otherwise.

Shipping mode

Cut-off day for receiving items
delivered to Shop n Zip warehouse

Shipping day

Estimated transit time to Metro Manila

Estimated transit time outside of Metro Manila


Every Wednesday

Every Friday

5-7 days

10-12 days

We will send you an email when your order has been shipped by Shop n Zip. 

How much does it cost to ship items?


Can I ship different boxes to different recipients?

Yes. You can organize your orders under My Items and let us know the recipient and delivery address and we’ll take care of consolidating and delivering your items accordingly. 

How do I pay for shipping?

We accept payments through credit cards (Amex, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, Visa). You will be charged in U.S. Dollars. Please check with your local bank for the foreign currency conversion rate.

Do I need to pay tax?

Please note that your total Shop n Zip shipping charge upon checkout excludes any Philippine customs duties and taxes that may be assessed and billed. The credit card you used when you checked out will be charged for any customs duties and taxes imposed on your shipment. We will notify you via email if your item was subjected to any duties and taxes. Usually, duties and taxes are billed 1-2 weeks after the delivery of your shipment.

Customs duties and taxes are calculated on the complete shipping value of your shipment, which includes the cost of the imported goods, the cost of freight and the cost of insurance.  Imports are also subjected to Sales Tax/VAT.

Are my items insured?

Shipments are automatically insured with a maximum coverage of $200 USD per shipment when accompanied by an order receipt.