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My Items

What happens next when you receive my items in the warehouse?

We process your items by checking the contents of each package that comes into our warehouse for prohibited items. We then restore the items to their original packaging, measure and weigh the packages and encode the items to our system. Once your item/s has been received and processed, we will send you an email and you can see the item details on your account under My Items. This may take 2 business days, depending on the volume of shipments the Shop n Zip Warehouse Team is handling at the time.



How do I ship an item?

Select the item/s you want to ship. Your estimated shipping cost may change depending on your recipient’s address. The default location is Metro Manila for your reference. Click on ‘Ship My Items’ to proceed to the checkout page to pay for your shipment.


How do I track my order?

Enter your tracking number in the ‘Track your Shop n Zip package’ section on the website’s front page. You can also go to My Account then select the Track My Packages tab to see a list of your order info along with the tracking link. 


Do I need to consolidate items for shipment by air?

There is no need to consolidate when shipping by air because the shipping cost by air is based on an item’s billable weight. Please note that we charge a minimum of 5 lbs so take advantage of this by shipping multiple lightweight items totaling 5 lbs, all for only $29.95 + handling  fee to Metro Manila.

Under My Items, select the item you want to ship by clicking on the checkbox beside the item number. Please note that multiple items may be delivered in separate packages.

Important reminders:

All items with the same tracking number must be shipped together. If it came in one package we cannot remove or separate items from that package. Why not? When we receive your order in the warehouse we open it to check for prohibited items then close it back up again in the original condition and packaging it came in. This ensures that you receive your items the way the merchant intended you to, to protect your items from damage.  If we do see that an item seems to be damaged, we’ll let you know.

So let’s say you ordered 5 items from Amazon and Amazon ships your items to our warehouse in one box using one tracking number for all. You want to ship 3 out of these 5 items immediately and leave the rest for later and ship it with other incoming orders you may have. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do that because we must group or consolidate your items by tracking number and ship them all together.  

All items within the same order must be shipped to one recipient.  If you want to send items to different people, you need to order the items from the merchant individually so they come as separate orders to our warehouse. You can then create different shipments for each of your designated recipients, and pay for them separately. You will also receive different tracking numbers for each shipment.

Why are some items missing from my account?

Once your items are delivered to our warehouse, we encode them in our system and send you an email notification with the item details. Only items that have been received and encoded are listed under your account. We process hundreds of items daily so please give us one business day to update our system. If some items are still missing, in most cases you can also track the item using the tracking number provided by the online store you purchased it from. 

How long can you store my items in the warehouse?

We can hold your items in our warehouse at no charge for 90 days to give you enough time to consolidate them or wait for other items to be delivered, if any. Day 1 starts when the first item is received.

Items that remain in our warehouse for more than 90 days will be disposed of or donated accordingly. We will send you an email reminder to process your items for shipping before your allotted 90-day holding period is over.