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How do I return my damaged or prohibited for air shipment item to the merchant?

We can return items to your merchants on your behalf only if the items you purchased was observed by our staff to be either damaged or prohibited for air shipment.  We will notify you by email if we encounter such a situation with your items.

Most orders from online stores can be returned but this is subject to each store's return policy. Please check the return policy from the store you ordered from. Only you can process the return for your order but we can help you mail it back to them. Please note that any return shipping charges are solely your responsibility as the buyer. 


Ready to mail back your item?

Forward the official return label you received from the merchant to us at [email protected] and we'll mail back the item for you. Please give us three working business days to process your item return. Package tracking is usually provided by the merchant. Once we send it back, we have no way of checking the status for you.