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2. Ship to us

Have your purchased items delivered to your Shop n Zip address.

c/o Shop n Zip SNZxxxxxxxx (Shop n Zip Account ID)
1142 Cherry Avenue,
San Bruno, CA 94066,
Phone Number: +650 634 8720

Once your item/s has been received and processed, we will send you an email and you can see the item details on your account under My Items. This may take 2 business days, depending on the volume of shipments the Shop n Zip Warehouse Team is handling at the time.

NOTE: Shop n Zip will use the billable weight to compute for the shipping cost of your package. Billable weight is actual weight or volumetric weight (L x W x H/139, in inches) whichever is higher.

Shop n Zip will round up to the nearest whole number to compute for the total shipping cost.

3. Get your goods

We will securely consolidate and deliver your items to your Philippine address. Once your items have been checked out in the Shop n Zip website, you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number.

The relevant Shop n Zip Terms and Conditions apply.

*Shop n Zip has no control over transaction made outside of its website.